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Synoptic is an incisive, concise and crisp summary or shortened version of a story, a narrative, the whole work. The word synoptic is comprised of 2 parts which elucidate the root meaning of the word: -sync - means together and - optic - means to view with insight. To that end, the word - synoptic - or that which is synoptic pulls together all the vital elements that make up the whole and seamlessly presents them in a succinct manner.

Fundamentally, a synopsis affords a keen, engaging, gripping and high definition brief view of the whole. It elucidates the comprehensive breath, manifests the depth of emotion and captures the essence of the entire whole in an abridged, compressed and condensed segment. It presents a summary of the principal parts, the precepts that conceived the concepts and informed the ideals communicated in the artwork.



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