WAR DOCTOR painting by Nya'
Painting Synopsis
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Without expunging the irrefutable and indispensable role that focus, perseverance, passion and shear hard work plays in achieving and realizing one’s noble ambitions - in his biography, Nya’ explains how when he thoroughly examines the course of his life, from his mother’s arduous pregnancy, the supernatural care given to both mother and child when the doctors where waiting to sign their death certificates, the courage and inspiration he received from within to persistently pursue his dream when the pirates of doubt dissuaded him to abandon the perilous journey; when he thoroughly examines each single event, threading all the intricate details in chronological order, everything can be summarized in one key word, “Grace.”

In this painting, “War Doctor,” the artist minimally portrays a valiant warrior triumphantly returning from a fierce battle. However, instead of glowing in vanity or peruse his ego, the warrior resides at the altar of thanksgiving, offering tribute and heartfelt hymns of eulogy.

With a river of tears trickling down the walls of his countenance as he considers the countless fatal blows that escaped his mortal heart, his earnest gratitude and utmost reverence is rewarded, greatness is bestowed upon him and his name is eternally engraved in the Word of Life.

Nya’s use of symmetry, line, a monochromatic palette, and very distinct shapes, all sporadically and sparingly applied, leaving only a trace, a hint, a fading echo or distant memory of the subject matter creates an ingress and compels the viewer into deep contemplation, achieving what he calls “a pensive sojourn.”

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