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Series II: Voices of the Earth

Oil, blood, tree twigs, steel nails, metal, clay, red and black soil, screws, animal hide, ashes, discarded metal on canvas

60 x 36 inches (152.4 x 91.44 cm)


© Nya’ 2005. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York Photo by House of Seed Photography, New York


Carefully preserved actual remnants of an industrial hot water tank, ebony wood broken scepters, preserved cowrie shells, burnt wooden pegs from disparate trees, 3.5 inch stainless steel double head nails, salvaged 6 inch common nails, corrugated cardboard, laminated layers of foam board, salvaged beer bottle tops, industrial stainless steel cut squares, rusted wire in different sizes salvaged from broken fences, electrical pipes, torn and worn out clothes and remnants of sack cloth were affixed to the stretched metal sheet grounded on durable canvas using a combination of nails, screws and industrial adhesives. The rich crimson and scarlet shades in the composition was created by mixing pyrrol red hue, quinacridone rust hue, cadmium deep red hue, cadmium deep orange and vermilion - an opaque orangish red pigment and cinnabar - a naturally occurring pigment also known as china red. Dabs of animal blood were applied on top to create the raw flesh ambiance. The dabs of blood were applied after making sure that it (the blood) was free from viral, bacterial and antibodies against pathogens. Burnt ashes, charcoal, kaolin and red clay, burnt shells and powdered gypsum was used to create the burn siennas, grays, black and ochre colors in the composition. The painting is housed in a custom distressed wood frame with a tailor designed anti-reflective museum glass engineered to block UV light rays, provide UV protection while protecting the work from damage and fading caused by UV light. The artist signature is rendered in gold leaf at the bottom left corner of the composition.


Year of completion: 1999

Artist Private Collection: 1999 – 2005

Seed Gallery Private Collection: 2005 – To date


9th Annual National Black Fine Art Show, New York

February 03 – 06, 2006

Manhattan, New York

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