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Series I: Divine Inspiration

Oil, construction nails, shards of metal, river sand, chain, foam board, torn clothes, dabs of lamb’s blood on canvas

41 x 31 inches (104.14 x 78.74 cm)


© Nya′ 2008. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York Photo by House of Seed Photography, New York


A heavily textured masterpiece, weighing over 20 pounds (9 kilograms) and is comprised of gypsum, steel, construction bolts, oodles of river sand and layers of cloth material ranging from old rags, torn jerseys and strips of denim. The materials are grounded on multiple sandwiched sheets of foam board. Highly toxic heat and water-resistant adhesive was liberally employed to bond the materials together as well as to score and perforate the layers of board to achieve the torrentuous aura. To ascertain a permanent bond, nails and hand stitches were used in addition to the adhesive to attach the shards of metal to the foam board and canvas. The painting is housed in a custom frame and is shielded from potentially harmful in and outdoor UV light rays by a tailored museum glass, which, along with its nearly invisible finish and anti-reflective quality, ensures a long archival life. The artist signature is rendered in gold at the bottom left corner of the canvas.


Year of completion: 2006

Artist Private Collection: 2006 – 2008

Seed Gallery Private Collection: 2008 – To date


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